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Sometimes you may receive emails which are not displaying images
Sometimes you may receive emails which are not displaying images

In this article we explain why this might be happening, and what you can do to try to resolve the problem.

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  • Some email clients such as Outlook 2007-2016 and Yahoo Mail will not display images in emails by default. You can typically enable images by clicking a ‘display images’ button. This button may appear differently depending on which email client you are using.
    Here is an example from Gmail: 

  • Strict firewall configurations may block the domain where images are hosted. In this case, the firewall administrator will need to whitelist the image hosting domain to view the images again.

  • Background images are not supported in Outlook 2007-2016 and may fall back to a plain background colour instead.

  • Images in Apple Mail and Yahoo Mail can be configured to always display images sent from trusted senders.

If the information above doesn’t help resolve the issue, the image hosting domain may not be reachable, or there may be a problem with your email client. 

You can check this by clicking:

This will show a version of the email in your web browser. If images appear in this “hosted” version, it means there is a problem with your email client which may need to be resolved by changing your settings or clearing your cache.

If the images are still not visible, you can forward your email to and provide any relevant information you think could assist us in investigating.

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