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How to set up a Welcome Email
How to set up a Welcome Email

Give a warm (and automated) welcome to your new subscribers!

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So you have a growing database and want to welcome your new customers? Here’s how you can set up an automated Welcome Email.

Things to consider before you start:

  • Do you want to include unique codes in your emails?

  • Plan out the journey you want your guests to experience. This is a great opportunity to welcome your guests to your brand in a really simple automated way!

  • Remember to create and test your email. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

**read on for more information

  1. From the left-hand side menu click Email Campaign > Welcome > Create New You will be taken to this page:

Select Email Template

2. Select “Click Here to Load a Previously Saved Email”.

3. Choose your email from the list. This will pre-populate the email info fields and load a preview of the saved email.

Email Info

4. Make sure that the from name, from address, and reply to email addresses are all filled out.

5. Choose a time of the day when the email should be sent.

6. Decide whether you’d like to send the email instantly or whether you’d like to add a delay.

Define Search Criteria

7. Click “Add simple search criteria” and choose who you want to send the email to.

This could be one group, all the groups on a unit or maybe all the groups on your account. For example, you might want to send the same welcome email to all customers who make a booking on any of your units, to do that select the relevant groups on each of your units.

Tag Content

8. Add your tag so that you can easily group these emails together in your reports, use something like “welcome journey”

9. Once you’re happy with your email click create at the bottom of the page.

Viewing your emails.

Once you’ve created your email you can then view it by going to welcome > scheduled messages.

On this page, you can see the details of the email you have just set up. You can also pause, delete and edit the email if you need to, with the symbols on the right-hand side.

Welcome journey

We recommend setting up 4-6 emails in your welcome journey over a 2 month period. This means that when a customer is first added to your database they can be taken through a journey of the brand straight away.

You can setup your welcome journey by heading to the “date triggers” section of the Airship dashboard.

  1. Load up your previously saved email.

  2. Select “contact created date” from the dropdown selection.

  3. Add in the number of days after the guest has signed up that you’d like the email to be sent (e.g 5 days post)

4. Add your tag so that you can easily group these emails together in your reports, use something like “welcome journey”

5. Select who you want this email to go to, this can be as simple as including all folders or you can create different journeys depending on the guest.

6. Once you’re happy with your set up click “create” at the bottom of the page.

You can set up as many of these emails as you like to create the perfect welcome journey for you guests!

Check out our recommendations for customer journeys here.

Ideas of what you may like to include in your welcome journey:

  • In the first welcome email you could be giving the customer an offer as a thank you for signing up.

  • You could then let the customer know what you do on a weekly basis such as happy hour offers or themed nights.

  • In the third email you might be telling them about your click and collect service etc.

Just repeat the above process of creating the individual welcome emails but changing how many days post contact created date to create the journey!

And there we go. It’s as easy as that. Your new subscribers are in for a good time!

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