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Airship allows you to build a template and then save it. Saved templates are useful for multiple reasons:

  • They allow you to come back to an email and change it at a later date if you're not ready to send it.

  • They allow you to recall a previous similar email for another broadcast.

  • In order to set up an automated broadcast (Welcome, Birthday or Retention), you have to save an email first before you can proceed to set up your automated broadcast.

Here's how it works.

  • From the left hand side menu click Send > Email > Simple Search. You will be brought to a page similar to the below:

  • Click "Narrow Search by Personal Details" and enter your email address into the relevant field.

  • Click “Count Results” to make sure that you are sending to just 1 individual or test group (you may need to add yourself as a contact if you return 0 results).

  • Click “Next”. You will be taken to the Email Creation page: 

  • Select a template from the templates dropdown or choose previously saved email.

  • Fill in the subject line.

  • Add images and text content to the email. (Follow these links for more instructions on adding images and text).

Saving your email

  • Name the email using the field under the HTML Content window.

  • For Retention Emails make sure to tick the box to "Save as a Retention Notification".

  • Click “Save Email”.

If you don't see the "Save as a Retention Notification" option, it's probably because you already have Retentions set up for your units. Remove these first before attempting to save a new email for Retention.

Changing a saved email

  • Follow the initial steps above to create a ‘Test Send’ until you get to the email creation page.

  • Just below ‘Select Template’ click ‘Click here to load a previously saved email’ and select the email you wish to edit.

  • Continue to make any changes you need to your email and then save as you did before. You can then continue to complete the ‘Test Send’ to check that you are happy with the changes.

  • Emails in Airship are locked to the user who created the email. If a saved email needs to be changed but is assigned to a different user, resave the email under a different name and this copy will now be under your ownership.

There you go! You can come back to this email later to use it for a broadcast or to start setting up automated emails such Welcome, Birthday, and/or Retention Emails. 

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