Airship’s SOAP API allows affirmation of consent to be written and updated to contact records stored in the Console. The API provides CRUD operations for consent data.

Getting started with our API

Read our "Getting Started" guide for developers for more information about how to get started with our SOAP API.

Retrieve consentIDs

Use getConsentTypes   to retrieve an array of consentIDs. Airship uses consentIDs to identify granular consent types. Each consentID is unique. ConsentIDs are available across any Airship account.

Our API methods which are used to create contact records in the Console have been updated to allow the capture of granular consent.

Methods which allow consent to be created, read, updated or deleted are:

  • createContact 

  • updateContact 

  • getContactConsent 

The GDPR brought in the requirement to gain granular consent. Read our “How to gain consent on forms” article which provides some tips on how to use the Console to capture this on your forms.

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