The Basics

Refer to our “Getting Started” article for information about authentication, sandboxing, and Console access.


You will need the following to get started:

  • SOAP credentials

  • sourceID (unique to account)


Use the endpoint for Contact API provided in our SOAP API documentation.

Below is a summary of the API methods to use when writing contact data to the Console.

  • createContact 

  • contactValidation 

  • unitList

  • groupList 

  • getConsentTypes 

Writing a contact record

Creating a record in Airship requires a mandatory consent array, and a mandatory groups array. The IDs required by these arrays can be obtained by using our API.

  • Use API method unitList  to retrieve the unitIDs. Use the returned unitIDs when you make requests to groupList  to retrieve the groupIDs.

  • Use API method getConsentTypes  to retrieve the consent IDs, which you will use when creating your consents array when making a createContact request.

  • Refer to the .NET and PHP examples in our SOAP API documentation in the footer of our website for more information.

  • To begin, make a SOAP request to API method createContact , with an array of contact data, using the groupIDs and consentIDs you retrieved earlier.


To validate data before passing to Airship, use the contactValidation  API method. This allows you to use Airship’s validation rules instead of writing your own to replicate Airship’s Console.

For more information on how to pass consent to the Console, click here.

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