The Airship SOAP API (Application Programming Interface) is a standard SOAP API that supports operations for writing contact and transactional data to Airship. This article details how you get started with our SOAP API.


Before you begin, you must have:

  • An Airship Console account

  • SOAP authentication credentials

  • An Airship Console user account


We do not have a Development or Test API. We create ‘TEST’ accounts in our Console which you will be provided with permissions for, allowing you to carry out your integration with Airship in an environment that is not associated with live data. Any credentials provided for test use are kept separate to credentials for production use.

API Authentication

We issue SOAP credentials on an individual basis. You can only authenticate with the API once your I.P. addresses are whitelisted.

Console access

Separately to the SOAP credentials, we also issue Console user accounts on an individual basis.

As a developer, you will be provided with a Console user account that is assigned with a ‘developer’ role, with the permission to access the following Console interfaces:

  • Ability to search for your contact record

  • Ability to view your contact record and edit it

Follow the "Activating your Airship account" article to get started.


The SOAP API offers a range of endpoints for different use cases. The endpoints are provided in our API documentation in the footer of our website.

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