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Keeping your Airship users up to date
Keeping your Airship users up to date

Keep your Airship CRM secure by regularly updating your user list.

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Airship allows you to create various users so that they can access and use the CRM platform. You can log in and create/manage users yourself or ask our support team to help. 

But remember, it’s important to make sure you only allow the right people onto your CRM!

Our support team don’t have access to any user passwords and they also won’t know if any of your staff have left unless you inform us or update the list yourself.

Keeping your user list up to date

It is important that you make sure that you update user accounts when someone within your organisation changes role, moves to another site or leaves the business.

We recommend you build something into your own internal processes to manage staff changes. What happens when new staff join? What happens when staff leave? 

You should review Airship CRM users on a regular basis to double check that user accounts reflect your current team members.

You can do this today yourself by logging in to your Airship account and heading to Settings > Users & Roles > Manage Users.

To delete an old user, hit the delete button next to the user’s name.

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