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Unique codes without EPOS
Unique codes without EPOS

EPOS integrated or not, you can still use unique codes to issue offers and track redemptions.

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Unique codes are a great way of measuring the success of email campaigns, delivering real value to your customers and controlling the use of each promotion.

What we need from you

  • The details of the offer you wish to run.

  • An image to go alongside your offer.

  • Copy for the mechanic.

Our mechanic allows you to send out an email containing a promotion without the need to integrate with your till.

Customer Journey

1 - A customer will receive an email or another invite to receive their offer.

2 - After clicking to show their voucher, the customer lands on a page where they are invited to activate their offer.

3 - The customer will be prompted to confirm they wish to use their voucher and that they are in the venue.

4 - If they click to confirm they wish to use their offer, a voucher code is displayed and they have 30 seconds to present the code to a staff member.

5 - Once the 30 seconds is up, the code is marked as redeemed and the offer is dimmed to show it has been used.

How will this work in my venues?

The unique code mechanic is designed to work without an EPOS integration. However, you can add a button on to your tills that can be used when a customer presents you with the unique code screen (remember to brief your Operations team on what to do!). You can then match up how many vouchers are marked as redeemed on your Airship account and how many have been redeemed through your tills.

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