Email us to get on the guestlist? Get in touch? RSVP here? We’d always recommend you use a landing page where possible, quite simply because clicks to a landing page are completely trackable from your email and you can reliably collect responses with a contact form. However, we know it can sometimes be handy for the reader of your email to be able to send an email to a contact specified in your email at the click of a button. Using a mailto link makes this happen. 

Inserting a mailto link into your email is super simple, just write out the text you’d like to attach a link to, then highlight that text and click ‘add link’. A box will pop up in which you need to write ‘mailto:’ followed by the email address, so for example, Then click save and hey, presto, you’re all set. 

Please note: We do not currently support subject lines within the mailto link. This means you can use but not 

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