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How to use mailto links in the Airship email builder
How to use mailto links in the Airship email builder

Want to stick an email address in your body copy or call to action button? Here’s how to use the mailto link in Airship’s email builder.

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Email us to get on the guestlist? Get in touch? RSVP here? We’d always recommend you use a landing page where possible, quite simply because clicks to a landing page are completely trackable from your email and you can reliably collect responses with a contact form. However, we know it can sometimes be handy for the reader of your email to be able to send an email to a contact specified in your email at the click of a button. Using a mailto link makes this happen. 

Inserting a mailto link into your email is super simple, just write out the text you’d like to attach a link to, then highlight that text and click ‘add link’. A box will pop up in which you need to write ‘mailto:’ followed by the email address, so for example, Then click save and hey, presto, you’re all set. 

Please note: We do not currently support subject lines within the mailto link. This means you can use but not 

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