Resend a lost email to a contact

Resolve guest relation issues by resending a lost email

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If you need to resend a specific email to a contact, you can do this quite easily in Airship. This is useful if a guest needs a copy of an email, for example a voucher email or similar.

Here’s how you can do this in Airship.

Find the contact record

1 - Log into Airship and go to Audiences > Create Audience > Narrow Search by Personal Details.  

2 - Enter the email address of the guest in the corresponding field.

3 - Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click search. This will bring up the contact record associated with the email address you entered.

4 - Click View to open up the contact record.

You can now scroll to the bottom of the page and click View Sent Broadcasts to view the specific emails the contact has been sent.

Here you can filter your search by date or message type and verify the contact has indeed received the email. 

To resend a copy of a specific email, click the Resend button.

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