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Design tips: How do I make my emails less blocky?
Design tips: How do I make my emails less blocky?

A simple way to spruce up your emails

Written by Megan Carrington
Updated over a week ago

Ever found yourself wondering how to make your emails more coherent? Flow better? Look less blocky?

A simple and quick way to spruce up your emails is to simply add some image borders to your images which helps break up the visible blocks of the email & breaks up the divide between image and text. 

The great thing about these are that once you have created a border all the designer has to do is add them to the image/photo which is quick and easy to do.

Below there are some examples of how this works and how it looks overall:

Examples of what the borders look like when not blended in with the template:

A simple breakdown of how it works:

Things to be aware of:

  • Colour matching - Make sure your image colours and template colours match up.

  • Gifs - You can use borders on gifs, however unlike JPEGS there are a few things that can go wrong.

  • Make sure there are no lines between the image and the text.

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