Airship's content manager can be used to merge venue specific details into a single email, this will save you time and remove the need to build the same email multiple times. You can use this tool to add venue specific links or content. 

Setting up your content

Head to Send > Content Manager. Remember that you will always need to be on the Head Office unit to use the content manager. 

Type the name of your content i.e booking link into the text field at the top of the page and click on create content.

Click on unassigned to show a list of fields to add your content into.

You can then add the relevant link (or text content) into the content boxes as below. You must populate content for all of the venues that you are sending the email for. The relevant box will disappear as you populate them - to review them all click on assigned. Don’t forget to add content to the Head Office box otherwise this feature won’t work. 

Once you have populated the links you need to take a record of the content ID code - this displays at the top of the venue list. 

Adding your content to an email

You now need to add your content ID into your email, you will do this using the following merge tag :con_xxxx:, replacing "xxxx" number you recorded earlier. e.g :con_2102:

Then follow the usual steps to create your email. 

Select the block you want to add content to and type in your merge tag.

Click add link and save the email. 

Testing the content

To test your content you will need to send yourself a test send from a specific unit.

Within the simple search section select a unit that you know you exist on and then add your email in the Narrow search by personal details section - remember to count results at the bottom of the page to make sure you’re only sending to yourself.

You can then check the links or content to make sure it’s correct.  

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