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Ability to target based on Feedback sentiment
Ability to target based on Feedback sentiment

Target your customers based on the feedback they have given after visiting your venues.

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We write feedback data into Airship from our partners Feed it Back, Yumpingo and Hgem. This means that when your customers leave feedback this information will be added to their contact record within Airship and you will be able to see whether they’ve left Positive, Negative or Neutral feedback. 

You can then target your customers using this information as you may want to communicate with them slightly differently depending on how they found their experience with your brand. 

Targeting feedback contacts in campaign emails

You can send a specific email to your feedback customers using Airship’s simple search feature. 

Head to send > email > simple search to get started. 

You can then choose to exclude (suppress) or include the feedback search feature - to learn more about what these mean head here

You should then select the time period you want to target, i.e “Customers who left feedback in the last 14 days” 

Then select the feedback type you want to target (Positive, negative, neutral or unknown). 

Once you have selected your search criteria you can continue to build your search and email as usual. To learn how to send an email check out this article. 

Targeting feedback contacts in triggered emails.

You can also set up automated emails to target these customers, an example of this would be to trigger an email to customers who have left positive feedback to ask them to leave you a Tripadvisor review. 

Head to date triggers > create email to get started (you should always create your email in the usual way, test this and save it before setting it up as a date trigger). To learn more about setting up date triggers check out this article. 

First you need to select your send criteria, for our example this would be 1 day post feedback given date:

Then you need to add your search criteria, click on Add search criteria and you’ll be taken to the simple search screen. Select narrow search by inclusion to select which feedback type you want to target. 

Once you’re happy with this click create delayed eflyer and continue to create your triggered email. 

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