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Unique codes using your EPOS codes
Unique codes using your EPOS codes

If your EPOS provider is able to generate unique codes, we can add these into our unique code mechanic.

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If your EPOS provider has the ability to create unique codes then we can add these into our unique code mechanic so that you can track redemption via your tills.

What do we need from you?

  • Details of the offer you wish to run.

  • An image to go alongside the offer.

  • An export of codes from your EPOS provider (preferably in CSV format).

Customer Journey

  1. Customer will receive an email to open their code

2. After clicking to show their voucher, the customer lands on a page where they are invited to activate their offer.

3. After clicking to redeem, the reward will appear with no countdown (the countdown is removed so the redemption can be done through the tills).

How will this be redeemed in the venue?

Please discuss with your till company the best way to redeem these codes within the venue.

Adding the codes to my campaign

Once your fully branded mechanic has been created, we will send you a proofing link which is used just for testing.

You will then be sent a URL that can be used within your emails by linking a call to action button.

We can generate new URLs to use across your marketing for campaigns such as Welcome journeys, Birthday journeys, January campaigns and so on.

How can I keep track of redemptions?

Use the "Assigned and Redeemed codes" report to compare how many codes have been redeemed with those assigned. If you want to report on the number of codes redeemed per venue you can use the "Redeemed codes" report to do this. You can then use this information to shape future marketing efforts and give those who haven’t visited a nudge to do so.

You should also be able to report on the redemptions via your EPOS system.

Find out if a specific customer has used their code

Head to Audiences > Create audience > Define search and enter the customers email address in the "narrow search by personal details" field.

This will take you to the customers contacts record.

Click on "View unique codes" to see which codes the contact has been assigned and which they have redeemed.

You can also use QR codes in either of the mechanics if you wish! Just ask us to include these.

If you’d like to find out how we could implement this for you, get in touch today.

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