Domain Masking:

What is domain masking?

Domain masking allows Airship to send emails from domains and store content on domains which are owned by your organisation. This creates better brand consistency with other content and services.

Why do we encourage domain masking?

There are two key advantages.

  1. Customers will see exactly the same domain being used for email as they see on your web site. This should help customers see the email relates directly to your brand.

  2. When we put domain masking in place, we assign you an IP address to send emails from. This allows you to build the reputation of that IP address over time which should improve email deliverability.

Why should you not?

Occasionally domain masking might not be the route for you, here's three key reasons why we might advise that you use our pooled IP address instead.

  1. Domain masking is complex to put in place, it can slow down the process of getting an Airship account ready to send emails from. It often requires the IT team within your organisation to get involved.

  2. As you will be assigned your own IP to build reputation on, there is a risk of the IP getting a negative reputation with email providers. This could happen due to spam complaints or poor list hygiene. For Airship clients who do not use domain masking Airship can pre-warm IP addresses for you to use and in the case of your IP getting a negative reputation we can easily move your account over to a new, pre-warmed IP address.

  3. You may want to use a single Airship account to run multiple brands, for example having several pubs that trade as individual brands. Pooled IPs allow you to avoid confusion by not including the name of your management company in your emails.

Using Airships shared IP address

There is an alternative to domain masking, we have a couple of IP addresses that you are able to use rather than having to undergo the technical setup. This means your account can be up and running much quicker and this also means you don’t need to get anybody technical involved!


  • No complicated setting up (IT department doesn’t need to get involved)

  • No IP warming needed

  • Faster onboarding process

Things to take into consideration:

  • You won’t have your own IP address so other Airship customers could potentially affect your delivery

  • The from address would be an Airship email address (customers don’t generally look at this and the reply to / from name can all be branded).

Which is the best for you?

  • It depends on various factors. If you have 10+ sites, we would usually recommend domain masking as usually you would have the support in place to deal with setting everything up.

  • If you want to give a more independent feel to each of your sites on Airship, using a pooled IP address is probably the best way to proceed.

  • If time is a factor, we can have a pre-warmed pooled IP address ready to use within minutes of joining Airship.

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