What are segmentation forms?

Segmentation forms are a great way to collect more information about your guests, these allow you to target your audience more precisely and share upcoming events that may appeal to them the most.

For example, within your segmentation form you could ask if they are vegan, if they say yes, they will automatically be added to the vegan group within your Airship account.

This process means, when you hold an event or introduce a new item to your menu that is vegan, you could send out an email sharing this information with those that have shared that veganism is one of their interests. To find out how to target different groups check out this article.

Segmentation forms can be used as part of your welcome journey they can be integrated within your sign up form.

Sign up form with segmentation:

You can include your segmentation questions within the sign up form on your website, When your sign up form is being created, we ask what you would like to have included on your form, mandatory fields and non-mandatory.

If you wanted to include segmentations on your sign up form, it could be that you decide to ask their preferences on the sign up form but as non-mandatory fields; this could mean that the data would be submitted all in one go.

Here's an example of the questions you could ask within your segmentation form:

Segmentation form separate from sign up form:

After opting in to your business, it could be that you then ask your customers to fill out a little 'survey' on their preferences as part of your welcome journey.

This can be a more effective than including the segmentation within your sign up form, as including a lot of questions within the sign up form could result in your customers not signing up at all!

Here are some suggestions that may inspire you for your own segmentation forms!

You could ask customers any of the following suggestions, are they interested in bottomless brunch? What is their date of birth? They could receive a birthday treat!
Are they vegetarian, or are they interested in vegetarian cuisine?

Don't be afraid to just have a drop down menu and ask them to select which offer applies to them the most such as: 2-4-1, BOGOF, Discounts etc!

You can ask what ever you would like to on your segmentation form to get the best outcome for your customers, be as creative as you would like!

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