Outlook 365

If you are getting high bounce rates for Hotmail addresses and also use Microsoft Outlook 365 for your company email, it could be that your Microsoft settings need to allow us to send from your domain.

For example, you might be sending email from hello@mycompanyname.com in Airship and also have mycompanyname.com set up with Microsoft Outlook 365 for your company email system.

Fixing the issue

You may need to configure your domain to allow email to be sent from our server. Here is a useful help article on the Microsoft site:


Specifically, have a look at section 5. This runs through the configuration that needs to be changed.

The settings are:

  • Spoofed user: whatever email address you use to send email from Airship

  • Sending infrastructure: the IP address they are sending email from on Airship (email Airship support or your Account Manager if you don’t know what your Airship IP is)

  • Set 'Allowed to spoof' to “Yes”

If you continue to experience problems with deliverability, have a read of our general article on email deliverability issues or speak to your Airship Account Manager for further advice. 

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