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Customer Preference Centre access code not received
Customer Preference Centre access code not received

If your customers are having trouble accessing the Airship Data Preferences Centre, there are a couple of things you can ask them to try.

Written by Anthony Green
Updated over a week ago

Customer not receiving verification email

There are a number of reasons your customers might not receive their verification email. 

  1. Ask the customer to check their spam. Some ESPs (Email Service Providers) block transactional-type email more easily than others, so it’s worth checking there.

  2. Ask the customer to check that a corporate firewall or network is not blocking the email from coming through.

  3. Ask the customer to check that their software is not blocking the email. Sometimes, antivirus software can cause this.

What does the verification email look like?

It contains a 6 digit code. The footer will contain the information about your company.

The verification email is sent with the subject line “Data preferences access code”, and from the email address Ask the customer to whitelist in their email client and with their IT department if they are using corporate/enterprise email.

If the customer cannot access the verification email, ask them to use the mobile authentication method, which will send an SMS message containing a code to their mobile device.

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