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Introducing the Airship Data Preferences Centre
Introducing the Airship Data Preferences Centre

We’ve built a Data Preferences tool that allows your customers to view, amend, export and delete their data and consents.

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What it’s for

When GDPR came into force, data subjects gained new rights to how their data is used, stored and processed. The Airship Data Preferences Tool can be used to help you provide these tools to your customers.


How it works

A link to the Data Preferences Centre can be provided to your customers. This could be done in any number of ways, for example:

  • In the footer of your emails

  • Manually, if a customer asks you

  • SMS messages

  • Websites

  • Other printed material

As long as Airship hold a copy of a customer’s data record, they will be able to access and action their rights under GDPR via the tool. (Remember, if you store customer data with multiple different suppliers or agencies, we might not hold a copy of all your data)

The link will look something like:

(Contact your Airship Account Manager to confirm what your URL is and what you need to do to set it up)

If you want to include a link to the Data Preferences Centre in the footer of your Airship email templates and aren’t already doing so, speak to your Account Manager to get this set up.

Customer authentication

When your customer visits the Data Preference Centre, there is some authentication they will need to go through by entering their email or mobile number to receive an access code.

Customer makes the updates

The customer can then make updates to their record or action any of their rights under GDPR. We store any interactions someone makes with their data should you need that information.

If a customer wants to export, object or delete their data, a notification will be sent to Airship to deal with. We’ll also send a notification to you, because we understand that you may have copies of that customer’s data in places other than Airship - remember, we can only update and action data in our platform. 

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