Switching on the Yumpingo / Airship connector means that each time a customer gives feedback, the customer and feedback data will be automatically sent to your Airship database.

Data from Yumpingo is typically sent across to Airship on a daily basis at 5am.

Getting started

To get started, get in touch with your Airship Account Manager. Provide confirmation in writing to your Yumpingo Account Manager that your data can be shared with Airship.

Your Account Manager will then let Airship know that they require API access to send data to your Airship database.

Airship will send the necessary details to Yumpingo who will switch on the connector for your account.

What data is sent to Airship?

Contact email address
Contact email opt in status
Feedback transaction - Unit
Feedback transaction - Source (e.g. Tablet)
Feedback transaction - Type (e.g. positive)
Feedback transaction - Date
Feedback transaction - score (out of 5)

View your data in Airship

Once the connector is enabled, you will be able to see data flowing into your Airship account, by navigating to Folders & Groups.

To access your Contact Folders in Airship, scroll down to “Contacts” in the main menu and select “Folders & Groups”.

You’ll be able to select your Feedback/Yumpingo Group to see contacts within that Group that have been added via the Yumpingo connector.

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