How to create links in emails

Adding links to text and images

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Adding a link to text

Step 1:
Click the content box where you want to put your link.

Step 2:
This will bring up the text frame.

Step 3:
Remove the placeholder text and copy/type your text into the box.

Step 4:
Select the text you want the link to apply to - in the case of a call to action make sure to highlight all the text.

Step 5:
Once you have selected all the text (and keep it selected) click the Link button and copy your link into the box. Then press the Save Link button.

Step 6:
If you have missed any characters it will show here, all the text should look like the above if all of it or some of it is still black you have not applied the link correctly. The final steps are to click the save button on the bottom right hand corner, click save again to close the text frame and the link will be applied.

Watch the process live in action:

Adding a link to an image:

Step 1:
Click on the ‘Call to Action’ and this is where you will see the tab pop up on the right hand side.

Step 2:
Embed the link into the button

Step 3:
Once you have chosen your image you will be presented with the below options. Click the Add Link button on the second row.

Step 4:
Copy your link to the bottom box that has now appeared.

Step 5:
Once you have copied your link into the box click the Save Link button. This will apply the link and bring up the following below. Click Done and then save the image.

Please note that if you need to crop your image (Edit button) apply the link before you edit the image.

This depends on if the link is applied to an image or text. If you need to edit the link in an image you have re-upload the image and add the link again. However, if the link is text based (call to action or in body copy) you only have to click the text that contains the link. This will bring up the text frame box with the current link already highlighted. All you have to do is paste your new link over the current one click the Save Link button and then the final save button.

Handy Video:

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