Private or corporate networks often use firewalls or spam filters that can block your emails. These firewalls can treat any email which claims to be from your company but didn’t come from your own servers as spam. This can cause issues with your Airship campaigns’ delivery to your staff. 

If subscribers from your company have trouble receiving your Airship campaigns, ask them to whitelist Airship.

Before whitelisting

Here’s some things to check:

  • Are all staff using the same email addresses on a private email domain, e.g., having trouble receiving messages sent from your Airship account?

  • Have the affected recipients checked their spam or junk folders?

  • Have the affected recipients allowed enough time for the emails to arrive?

If the above have been checked, your deliverability may benefit from whitelisting.

How to whitelist Airship

Your IT department or an IT professional will need to change the configuration of your network to allow delivery of email sent by Airship. 

  1. Inform affected recipients that a network firewall or spam filter at their domain could be blocking Airship campaigns.

  2. Your IT should whitelist the below IP addresses.

Delivery IPs to whitelist

Get in touch with Airship support to request the IP addresses to whitelist for your account.

Troubleshooting issues loading Airship pages on private or corporate networks

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