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Targeting customers without a DOB attached to their contact record.
Targeting customers without a DOB attached to their contact record.

Collect more DOB's for your Birthday marketing!

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Birthday marketing should be an essential part of your email marketing, it can be used to drive revenue into your business, up-sell party packages or just encourage customers to spend their special day in your venue. 

We recommend that you include a DOB field within your sign up methods (sign up form and third party data collectors such as WiFi) however you may already have some contacts who haven’t provided this information. 

You can now target these customers specifically to ask them to tell you their DOB so that you can market to them in the future. 

Head to Send > Email > Simple search > Narrow search by personal details and simply tick the “Who do not have a DOB stored” tick box!

How can I gather this information?

We would recommend creating a preference form to gather further information from your customers once they’ve signed up. You could simply ask them to provide their DOB or you could ask other useful information to help you segment your database, this could be anything from which is their favourite venue to whether they are Vegan.

This could look something like the below:

You can then direct customers to this form within your targeted email. 

For more information about how to set up a Birthday campaign check out this article

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