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Best practice for your welcome journey
Best practice for your welcome journey

Recommendations for your welcome journey

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Now that you've got the basics of your account set up it's time to start thinking about utilising Airship to create effective customer journeys, here are our recommendations!

The Welcome Journey

The Welcome Journey lays the foundation for how a new customer interacts with your brand.

If you can capture their interest (or even their hearts) with these first few messages, you’re not only more likely to stay connected for longer, you should also achieve higher open rates for your future campaigns.

Think of it as speed dating. Your goal is to get people to like you enough to want to see you again.

How many emails should make up your journey?

We recommend sending 5 - 7 emails over the first 4 weeks. When your customers first sign up they are at their most engaged and they want to hear what you have to say!

The average open rates for Welcome emails are around 50% which is much higher than the general newsletter rate of 15%.

If you can capture your customers attention early on then they are much more likely to become more loyal customers and have a higher engagement level with your emails going forwards.

What should your Welcome journey look like?

Your welcome journey is the perfect opportunity to tell your new customers the story of your brand.

  • What makes you stand out from the competition?

  • What is your brand story?

  • Offer them a gift to drive the first or a repeat visit.

  • Showcase your favourite or most popular products.

  • Showcase your gift cards, loyalty programme or another brand focus.

Don't be afraid to ask your customers

If you're not sure what your customers think of your brand or what part they would recommend, why not just ask them? You could create a simple survey to find out exactly what makes your customers love you by asking the 3 questions below:

  1. What do you like most about us?

  2. What would you change about us?

  3. How would you describe us to a friend?

Think about the rewards you'd like to offer your customers.

We have lots of different mechanics so that you can choose the correct one for you, so how can rewards and vouchers be useful in your journeys?

  • To provide an incentive for your new customers to engage for the first time.

  • To promote a new or existing product.

  • To encourage repeat visits from your regular customers.

  • To reward your loyal customers as a good will gesture.

The best rewards are those that drive value:

  • Don’t rely on rewards or your customers will come to expect these.

  • Make sure your rewards add value to your offering.

Take a look at our unique code mechanic article to decide which version will be best for your brand.

Sign up to our demo brand Joiners Kitchen where we'll send you a series of emails to show exactly what you can do with Airship to utilise your welcome journey.

Check out how to set up your Welcome journey here.

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