Switching on the Tables / Airship connector means that each time a customer makes a booking, the customer and booking data will be automatically sent to your Airship database.

The integration will run once per day, and bring all the new and updated bookings from the previous day into Airship.

Getting started

To get started, provide confirmation in writing to your Zonal Account Manager that your data can be shared with Airship.

From Zonal, you will need to request;

  • 'Delta' extracts for Tables to be enabled

  • Zonal SFTP details (Username and Password)

  • A list of Sites and their 'site_id' (GUID)

And if you require us to do a historic import

  • 'All' Reservations extract for Tables to be turned on

For Airship, you will need to;

  • Confirm if you want a historic import running, and how far back you would like the reservations data to be imported from

  • Provide the Zonal SFTP details and list of 'site_id'

What data is sent?

The following information will be sent and stored against the Airship customer profile;

  • Title

  • First Name

  • Surname

  • Gender

  • Email Opt-in

  • Mobile Opt-in

  • Venue

  • Booking info

    • Reservation confirmation number

    • Reservation date/time

    • Enquiry date/time

    • Booking status

    • Booking source

    • Party Size

    • Booking notes

Note, some of the above fields may be optional in the Tables platform.

How it works

When a booking is processed by Airship, we perform a check to see if the booking is New, or already exists. If the booking is new, we will;

  • Add / update the contact profile

  • Associate the booking to the contact profile

If the booking already exists, Airship will;

  • Update the booking details

Airship will not update a contact profile as part as a 'Booking update' action, to ensure that Airship doesn't inadvertently opt customers in after a booking is attended / updated.

View your data in Airship

Once the connector is enabled, you will be able to see data flowing into your Airship account, by navigating to Folders & Groups.

To access your Contact Folders in Airship, scroll down to “Contacts” in the main menu and select “Folders & Groups”.

You’ll be able to select your 'Zonal Tables Bookings' Group to see contacts within that Group that have been added via the Tables connector.

To view the booking data, open a contact record and click “View booking data”. This screen will show the booking record details for the customer.

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