Send your Guestline powered contact data into your Airship account. We connect to Guestlines API once a day to fetch all contact profiles of customers who have created, or updated a booking within the last 24 hours.

Getting started

Getting set-up with Guestline is straight forward! You’ll need to obtain the following from Guestline and provide to Airships customer success team:

  • SOAP API username

  • SOAP API password

  • Interface ID

  • A list of Sites and Site IDs

  • Confirmation if you want Historic data brining into Airship, and what date to go back to

  • A list of Room Type codes and their classification (Budget, Standard, Premium). If not provided, all rooms will be classed as Standard

Once we have all the information required, we will be able to build the configuration and switch the integration on.

What data is sent to Airship?

A list of fields that Airship captures, or updates based on bookings made are;

  • Contact fields

    • First Name

    • Surname

    • Gender

    • Address

    • Town

    • Postcode

    • County

    • Country

    • Mobile Number

    • Mobile optin

    • Email optin

    • Email Address

    • DOB

  • Stay specific information

    • Stay Reference

    • Stay venue

    • Rooms booked

    • Date of stay (check in / check out)

    • Number of guests

    • Number of children

    • Room type (Premium, Standard, Budget) based on your classifications

    • Booking source (Internal or externally sourced booking)

    • Room rate (net and gross)

    • Booking Status (pre-reservation, cancelled, no show, checked out)

These fields are configurable, so if you would prefer not to have a field imported (i.e. you don't want to capture / use 'Gender' within Airship) - let your Airship customer success contact know and we can add it to the field exclusion list.

Dynamic Fields

The following Dynamic Fields will be stored against a contact record, and visible from within Airship;

  • Last Reservation Booked date

  • Last Reservation Arrival date

  • Last Reservation Departure Date

  • Last Reservation Channel

  • Last Reservation Market Segment

  • Last Reservation Booking


When data is added to Airship, we will categorise it into the following groups;

  • Booker

  • Guest

This will enable you to target customers who have booked, vs customer who attended and were guests.

Historic Imports

Airship gives the ability to perform a 1 off historic import, when initially switching on the Guestline data bridge. Please let your Customer Success contact know if you would like this running, and how far back you would like us to collect data from.

We also implement a 'Historic Import Rule' for any data added via the historic import process, this means that;

  • If the customer is new to Airship, we will create them and apply the opt in preference provided

  • If the customer already exists in Airship (as we might have captured their details via another integration), we will ignore any opt in preferences provided

This ensures that we aren't inadvertently opting customers in (or out), who have engaged with your brand recently.

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