Integrating Comtrex with Airship will allow us to consume all basket data when we can associate it to a guest via a voucher.

Providing that a voucher was issued by Airship, and then redeemed as part of a transaction - we will bring all the basket data associated to that guest and store it in Airship.

This is also a source of PoP!

Getting started

In order to setup the Comtrex integration, first you will need to contact the Airship Customer Success team. We'll create a SFTP shared drive to allow Comtrex to send data over to us.

From here, Comtrex will then:

  • Setup a daily feed of basket data to the SFTP

  • Provide a list of of your site references so we can map to Airship locations/units

New vouchers/offers

Any time there is a new promotion or voucher group created, this will need to be configured as part of the integration. To do this send a request to the Airship Customer Success team.

Airship will need to know the Voucher Prefix and Unique Code Group ID to ensure the basket data gets associated to the right contacts.

What data is sent to Airship?

This integration will not create or update any contact profiles. It will only apply basket data to a contact based on if they have been issued a unique voucher code, and that unique voucher code was used in a transaction.

We will store:

  • Order number

  • Order location (venue)

  • Order Items

    • Menu item name

    • Menu item price

    • Menu item quantity

    • Menu item PLU

View your data in Airship

Contacts are sorted into Folders & Groups against the visited venue (the venue the voucher was redeemed at / the transaction was made at). The contacts who have redeemed a voucher and had a basket associated will be found in group called 'Comtrex basket'.

From here, you can select your contacts - view all historic orders and items purchased within that transaction.

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