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How to use unique codes with Centegra and Airship
How to use unique codes with Centegra and Airship

A step by step guide to setting up your voucher campaigns if you use Centegra POS

Written by Anthony Moore
Updated over a week ago


Centegra will charge the following to setup and monitor the integration;

  1. Single £250 set up fee per group

  2. Ongoing £15 per unit, per month

Getting Started

Decide what promotion to offer your customers

Unique codes can be used for automated journeys or one-off campaigns. Unique codes are a great incentive to encourage customers to re-visit and are also a great way to reward your customers. Unique codes are often used as part of automated welcome and birthday journeys.

Ask your Centegra account manager to set up the campaign & setup a prefix

Centegra will set up the campaign in their system and generate you prefix for the offer. This prefix will need to be provided to Airship so we can generate you some unique codes.

Ask Airship to generate you some codes

Airship can create you a batch of unique voucher codes (you'll need to specify how many you want). To get started, all we'll need is the promotion Prefix.

Distribute unique codes to your customers

Unique codes can be distributed to your customers using the Airship Unique Code Issuance System, which allows you to send links to your customers so that they can retrieve their code.

You may want to use the codes as part of a trigger journey (i.e. Welcome/sign ups) or Ad Hoc campaign (i.e. Fathers Day). If you know what journey you want, but are unsure how to add the vouchers - contact your customer success team member who will help you get setup.


When a customer visits one of your venues with a code, this can be redeemed on the till. If the offer is valid, it will be redeemed in Airship.

Airship will act as the gatekeeper for if the voucher code is valid, or has been used. The responses which Airship will return are;

  1. Voucher code being valid, and you can redeem it

  2. Voucher code has already been redeemed

  3. Voucher code doesn't exist

If the code is valid, Centegra will apply the relevant promotion to the customers basket.

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