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What is Airship Teams?

Airship Teams allows you to have a separate account to communicate internally with your team members. You will be able to send automated comms such as welcome, birthday & leaver emails as well as sending regular newsletters out to your team.

How does it work?

We’re in the process of creating integrations with various team management systems so that data can flow from these systems into your Airship Teams account. You can split your data by the venue the employee works in to create personal emails for each team.

It will be possible to get in touch with specific departments, seniority levels, new starters, and specific regions: both quickly and easily.

Who are we integrated with?

Polaris Teams

What can you do with your data?

Below are some examples of how you can utilise your staff data:

Automated journeys

  • Send a welcome email to the staff member as they join the team to welcome them & let them know any info they might need.

  • Send Birthday journeys to the staff member to give them a gift.

  • Send anniversary of start date emails.

Regular newsletters

  • Send update emails to team members to let them know any company news that is relevant to them.

  • Send monthly vouchers out to top team members to reward and encourage them.

  • Send team incentives out to drive certain products within each venue.


Airship Teams is a booster for existing Airship customers, which means there's a small monthly cost per location. There aren't any set-up costs if you're already an Airship customer.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to find out more about getting set up with Airship teams on

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