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Introducing Airship Rewards

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What is Airship Rewards?

Airship Rewards is a great way to issue rewards to your guests, whether you’d like to gift a Toggle voucher or a code that links to your EPOS system you can do it all in Airship Rewards.

All Airship customers will automatically be moved across to “Rewards Light” which creates a simple profile for each of your guests & adds their rewards into the URL for easy access.

You can also upgrade to the full version of Airship Rewards which will allow you to create a more complex profile for your guests, within here you’ll be able to link out to your booking platforms, gifting pages etc as well as creating a preference page for you guests to fill out. Find out more about Airship Rewards here.

How does it work?

Our customer success team will create your Rewards profile based on your basic branding, we can then add in any rewards you would like such as a Birthday voucher or a gift to your VIPs.

Which reward mechanic will work for you?

  • Toggle vouchers - if you use Toggle you can issue out FOC gift vouchers to your guests.

  • EPOS vouchers - if you’d prefer to limit the rewards to certain products you can provide us with an export of codes from your EPOS provider to dish out via Airship Rewards or Rewards Light.

  • If you don’t have either of the above don’t worry you can use Airship dummy codes to reward your guests. These will redeem within the profile so you can still track who has used their reward.

Toggle voucher

EPOS voucher

Airship voucher

What’s the guest's journey?

They can access either through a URL or through an email, meaning there are no passwords to remember and nothing new to download.

They will then be shown all the rewards that they have available to them and are able to redeem in-venue when selected.

How do you send the reward to your guests?

  1. Create your email within the Airship email builder

  2. Add your rewards button

3. Underneath the “URL” section you’ll see an option for “special links” click on this and choose your reward

4. Be sure to test your email to make sure everything works as expected and then you’re ready to start rewarding your guests!

We are always available and on hand to support you wherever you need!

What happens to my expired or redeemed rewards?

Any redeemed or expired rewards will appear below active rewards.

Top tips

How you administer rewards is completely up to you and what best suits your brand. One-off rewards can be issued based on PoP segments allowing you to appreciate your most engaged customers. Rewards may be issued automatically through welcome and birthday emails or alternatively, rewards may be automated based on PoPs.

Guest Journey

Get in touch with if you would like to chat about Rewards.

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