Advanced Localisation

Targeting customers based on their favourite or last visited location

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Advanced localisation will help you target contacts more precisely for the location that is most relevant to them.

When selecting the audience to target, there are two options to choose from, this will determine who receives the email, and what the dynamic content will change to.

Favourite location:

This is measured by the amount of visits guests have within a venue. The venue in which the guest has visited the most, will be classed as their favourite.

When sending an email to a select number of locations, and favourite location is selected, the email will only go to those contacts who have one of these locations as their favourite.

If using dynamic content in the email, this content will change to match their favourite location.

Different scenarios:

  • In the instance a contact has no visits they will be defaulted to the location they specified using an Airship powered sign up form.

  • Secondly, when a contact has had the exact same number of visits in more than one location, they will be localised to the location that they most recently visited.

  • Finally, when a contact didn’t specify a favourite location at sign up and also has not visited a venue, it uses the last location that they were added to.

Last visited location:

This will target those customers who had last visited the location selected for the email send. This should be used when setting up post visit emails meaning the dynamic content will change for the location the contact has just visited.

If an email is being sent to specific locations, contacts will receive the email if one of those locations is the one they last interacted with.

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