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How to set up and manage user accounts
How to set up and manage user accounts

All you need to know about managing your users

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Managing users

The Users page displays the names, usernames, and permissions levels for everyone with access to your Airship account. From this page, you can revoke access and update a user's details. You can invite as many new users as required.

From your Sidebar, choose Settings > Users & Roles > Create New User

This will display a list of users assigned to each Unit.

Creating a new user

If you want to create a new user go to Users & Roles > Create New User to add a new user to your account.

A minimum of Username (must be unique), Email address and Mobile number are required to add a new user account. You must also select the Unit and Role to assign them with.

The username and email address cannot be changed once they are set.

When a user is created, they will receive an invitation email asking them to follow a link to set their password.

Adding Users to Multiple Units

If you have more than one unit and would like to grant access to a user across all units you should add the user to the Head Office Unit.

Creating A Role

To create a role on Airship you will first need to go to Settings > Users & Roles > Create New Role.

To start things off you will want to create a Role Name at the top of the page, displayed by the arrow.

Depending on who you’re giving this role to you may want to only select certain permissions that they can access on the Airship account. This is common if you only want a manager of one venue to view their Airship details and not to see every venues database on your account. Creating a role gives the admin all the options to select from.

This can be done by clicking on any permissions you feel are suitable for that individuals role and then click add. Once you’ve done that click ‘Create Role’ and then you can add new users with these permissions.

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