Managing users

The Users page displays the names, usernames, and permissions levels for everyone with access to your Airship account. From this page, you can revoke access and update a user's details. You can invite as many new users as required.

From your Sidebar, choose Users > Manage Users.

This will display a list of users assigned to each Unit.

Creating a new user

If you want to create a new user go to Users > Create User to add a new user to your account.

A minimum of Username (must be unique), Email address and Mobile number are required to add a new user account. You must also select the Unit and Role to assign them with.

The username and email address cannot be changed once they are set.

When a user is created, they will receive an invitation email asking them to follow a link to set their password.

Adding Users to Multiple Units

If you have more than one unit and would like to grant access to a user across all units you should add the user to the Head Office Unit.

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