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Activating your Airship account
Activating your Airship account

All new users of the Airship platform have to set a password. Here’s how it works.

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Once you’ve been issued an Airship username, you’ll need to set a secure password.

You’ll automatically be sent an email with a secure link where you can do this. Here’s what it looks like:

Follow the ‘Set Password’ link (or copy and paste the one shown at the end of the email) and you’ll get to this screen where you can enter the uUsername shown in the email and set your password:

Once you’ve set your password, you’ll be able to login at:

Didn’t get the activation email?

If you didn’t get your activation email, it could be that it’s gone to your spam/junk mail folder. The subject line is “Your new Airship account” and it will come from Add that address to your allowed sender list if you can.

If you still can’t see the email, check with your network / IT administrator in case emails from are being blocked elsewhere.

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