Find the contact record

Use the Simple Search facility to locate the contact record you need to amend. You’ll probably want to use the Narrow Search by Personal Details if you have the contact’s email or mobile number to hand.

Click on Search.

You are presented with your list of results. Click on the Edit button to edit the contact record.

Update the contact

Change the fields you wish to amend.

If you wish to change the contacts subscription preferences, these are at the top of the contact record.

Be careful not to opt anyone in for marketing or store details for someone who hasn’t given their consent.

Click on Update to save the contact record.

And that’s you done!

Quick unsubscribe

If you want to quickly unsubscribe a contact, you can also do this from your Airship dashboard home page. Just drop in the contacts mobile or email and they’ll be completely unsubscribed.

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