Airship Reports allows you to view and download data on your Airship account. Access your reports from your Airship dashboard by clicking on the Reports item on the navigation. Your Reports screen will pop out. You'll see a list of reports that you can choose from.

How to run a report
Click on the report you want to run, and the box will expand.

You'll see parameter options for the report. Go through each option, choose your parameters, and then click Run Report.

Your report will appear in the table below. All Airship reports go into a queue. Depending on the size of your report, and the load on our servers, this time a report stays in pending can vary. If it's taking a while, you can go and do something else while you're waiting as you don't need to keep the window. For most reports however, this process will be pretty quick.

To cancel a report at this stage, click Delete.

When a report is ready you'll notice that as well as Delete, you can now also View or Download the report.

If the View button is not visible, it'll be because your report is too large to display in your browser.

Reports stay in this list for a limited time only. The time of expiry is displayed next to each report.

Click View to see the report in your browser. This'll take you to another page within your browser where you can view the report.

Click Download to download the report as a CSV.

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