What is PoP?

PoP is the name we’ve given to a series of metrics that tell you who, where and how often your database physically visit your locations.

How does it work?

Through our integrations, Airship has data which evidences when someone has physically visited a location. For example, if they connected to WiFi, we know that they were there. If they redeemed a unique code, we know they were there. If they left feedback we know they were there.

Airship has all the underlying data, but PoP consolidates and deduplicates all that data across all those sources into Proof of Presence reports that allow you to look at all the visits made by anyone across your database.

The deduplication of data is an important thing to note: if someone makes a booking, comes in, uses WiFi, redeems a code and then leaves feedback, all on the same day - that’s all just one PoP.

What are the reports?

Presence frequency 

How many times people have visited you within a date range.  For example, use this report to answer questions such as “how many times a year does the average customer visit my sites?”

Repeat presence rate

How often those who have visited you, visit more than once in a date range. For example, use this report to be able to answer a question such as “What percentage of my customers have visited more than once in the last year?”

Return return rate

The number of visits by customers. For example, use this report to answer a question such as “What percentage of my customers have visited 1, 2, 3, 4 etc times?”

How to use the reports

You can access your PoP reports by visiting Airship Reports:


If you’re not logged in already, you’ll be prompted to login.

To run a report, select it from the list, set your date range and click Run Report. You can read more about how to run your reports here.

How accurate is it?

Your overall PoP stats should always be used as a strong indicator as to the activity of your database in venue, rather than the absolute truth. To register a PoP, the person will have to be on your database, therefore PoP only accounts for the visits people on your database, who have made an action that registers a PoP. It is possible that someone who is on your database visits you without doing any of the actions that’ll register as a PoP.

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