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How to set up Airship connector in Wireless Social
How to set up Airship connector in Wireless Social

If you use Wireless Social as your WiFi provider, you can switch on a connector with Airship.

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Switching on the Wireless Social / Airship connector means that each time a customer connects to your WiFi, the customer and WiFi data will be automatically sent to your Airship database.

Getting started

To get started, get in touch with your Wireless Social Account Manager. Provide confirmation in writing to your Account Manager that your data can be shared with Airship.

Your Account Manager will then let Airship know that they require API access to send data to your Airship database.

Airship will send the necessary API details to Wireless Social who will switch on the connector for your account.

Data sync frequency

Your data can be synced to Airship in near real-time or daily. Please specify your preference with your Wireless Social Account Manager when the Airship connector is configured.

What data is sent to Airship?

Contact first name
Contact last name
Contact gender
Contact email address
Contact mobile number
Contact post code
Contact email opt in status
Contact mobile opt in status
WiFi transaction - Interaction Date
WiFi transaction - Interaction Type ( 'connected')
WiFi transaction - Unit
WiFi transaction - Hot Spot Name
WiFi transaction - Hot Spot MAC address
WiFi transaction - Mime type (e.g. iPhone)

View your data in Airship

Once the connector is enabled, you will be able to see data flowing into your Airship account, by navigating to Folders & Groups.

To access your Contact Folders in Airship, scroll down to “Contacts” in the main menu and select “Folders & Groups”.

You’ll be able to select your Wifi Group to see contacts within that Group that have been added via the Wireless Social connector.

Sending survey data to Airship

If you are running a survey on your Wifi splash pages, this data can be sent to Airship.

For example, if you ask guests "Are you a member?" after they join your WiFi, this data can be written against the Airship contact record so that you can send email marketing to customers based on this data.

To start sending this data to Airship, inform your Airship and Wireless Social account managers who will assist with the set up for you.

What can you do with this integration?

  • Send post visit emails driving feedback or repeat visits.

  • Create a specific WiFi welcome journey.

  • Contribute to PoP (Proof of presence).

  • Specifically target customers who have visited you in the past and logged into WiFi, you could use this to drive a repeat visit by offering an incentive.

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