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Troubleshooting: email still has frames that need content
Troubleshooting: email still has frames that need content

How to send an email where there are frames that still need content.

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If you receive a message “There are still frames that need content” when trying to save or send an email, what can you do to fix this?

Remove unused blocks

The message is telling you that there are still sections in your email template that require content. If you are happy you’ve added all the content that you need, you could firstly remove any blocks that you don’t need any more. To do this:

1 - Click on “Show Blocks”

2 - Click the cross icon to remove the block:

Delete unused text content

If the block isn’t removable like the above example, you could also blank out text by simply clicking to edit the text copy, deleting it all, and saving it blank, like this:

What if you’ve filled in all content?

If you’re still getting the message, the chances are there is still a section that’s sneaked in there that hasn’t been filled in with content yet. Check again for images that are still the default placeholders, or text sections that have a grey background (signifying they still need completing):

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