Getting Started

Decide what promotion to offer your customers

Unique codes can be used for automated journeys or one-off campaigns. Unique codes are a great incentive to encourage customers to re-visit and are also a great way to reward your customers. Unique codes are often used as part of automated welcome and birthday journeys.

Ask your Comtrex account manager to set up the campaign

Comtrex will set up the campaign in their system, with start and end dates, and assign a Campaign Code (a 2 digit alpha code, such as BB) to the campaign in their system.

The 2 digit starting characters are how the campaign is linked with your unique code campaign in Airship.

Airship will generate your unique codes

Airship will generate a batch of unique codes with an amount of your choosing, for example 50,000 codes starting BB and ending with 4 numeric digits.

Distribute unique codes to your customers

Unique codes can be distributed to your customers using the Airship Unique Code Issuance System, which allows you to send links to your customers so that they can retrieve their code.


When a customer visits one of your venues with a code, this can be redeemed on the till. If the offer is valid, it will be redeemed in Airship.

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