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Onboarding with Airship
Onboarding with Airship

You’ve signed up, you’re all set to start growing your database and creating the single customer view. Here are the next steps!

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Setting up your account

First of all we’ll need a few things from you to create your account:

  • Venue list, let us know the names and addresses of your venues.

  • Email address, will you be using a single email address e.g or would you prefer to localise this e.g

  • Let us know your data sources so that we can create your initial folders and groups.

Creating your email templates

  • We will build a template for you to create all of your emails from, this keeps things simple and means that your emails are the best possible optimisation in our supported email clients. 

  • We will need your logos, brand guidelines and any images you want to use. You can find some guidance on images here.

Adding your data

  • We have several existing integrations with data sources, let us know who you use for WiFi, Bookings, Feedback etc. 

  • We will provide you with mapping advice so that your data is stored in the best possible way.

  • Supply us with your data to upload to Airship.

Creating your forms

  • We’ve created a simple form to collect all of the information we need from you here. You can read more about Airship forms here.

IP Warming

  • We will supply you with your own IP to maximise your email deliverability, this means we need to go through a period of IP warming to help you build a great reputation with all email clients. We’ll advise a plan for this on a case by case basis. 

Create your automated emails

  • We advise you set up a series of automated emails to welcome your customers, drive birthday bookings and clean your database. We’ll help you set these up during your onboarding and you can read more about each automation below: 

Unique code mechanic set up

  • You might have opted for the Airship standalone unique code mechanic to include in your automated emails, we will set these up for you, just let us know what you’d like to offer!


  • Once your account is activated we’ll provide you with a training session and ongoing platform support to ensure you can get the most out of Airship. 

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