Once PoP segments have been activated on your account you’ll be able to start targeting these segments. You can send manual broadcasts to your customers or you can set up automated trigger emails to encourage repeat visits and guide your customers through these segments and ultimately increase your number of Platinum guests. 

Head to Send > Email > Simple search and click on the PoP Segment dropdown at the top of the menu. 

You can then choose which segments you'd like to target by selecting Include this segment. You can add this to your usual search criteria to make your emails even more relevant to your customers.

Targeting PoP segments within automated emails

To create your PoP segment triggers you need to use the date trigger section. Head to date triggers > create email. 

You can then use the dropdown option to select which segment you want to set up your trigger for.

You can target your customers X days after they’ve been added to each segment, this could be used to set up multiple date triggers to encourage your customers to move through your segments. An example of how a customer journey could look is below:

Reporting on PoP segments

To view how many contacts are in each segment you can head to Contacts > PoP segments

Here you can view how many of your customers sit in each segment and the average email read rate of each.

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