Now that your Vita Mojo data is flowing into Airship you can create journeys to reward your customers for using your delivery system and encourage repeat custom. We’ve teamed up with Vita Mojo to create a slick process for doing just this for click + collect and delivery orders. We know who has been assigned a code and who has redeemed them which means you can set up clever journeys to encourage redemption.

The headline

Automatically send a unique code to anyone who places an order using the Vita Mojo system.

What’s the customer journey?

  1. The customer makes an order via Vita Mojo.

  2. The customer is added to a Vita Mojo group according to the location they ordered from.

  3. An email is triggered X days post-visit (define this to suit your database).

  4. The customer is asked to click to get their code.

  5. An immediate bounceback email is triggered to the customer containing their unique code.

  6. The customer uses the code on their next order.

  7. The code is marked as redeemed within the Airship platform.

What’s the aim?

Encourage repeat orders

Database growth

Keep customers engaged

How could it be used?

How to set it up

  1. Speak to your Vita Mojo account manager to create your codes and get the ball rolling.

  2. Decide on the offer you’d like to send out to your customers, this could be 20% off their next order for example.

  3. Speak to a member of our customer success team to help you to set up the mechanic.

For more information about how to set up triggered emails, have a look at our support article here.

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