This mechanic can be useful for automated email offers as well as one-off campaigns. For example, why not give your customers £5 to spend on their next visit, this will drive footfall whilst educating your guests about your gift offering.

What we need from you:

  1. First you need to create your product on Toggle, this can be set up as a standard gift but should be set to private (so that the product can’t be purchased on your shop).

2. Next you’ll need to create your promotion, this should be set as a 100% discount. You can choose a maximum number of uses and set the start and end dates of the campaign.

3. Finally, assign your promotion to your product and let us know the details!

Customer journey

  1. The customer is sent an email containing your voucher link (we’ll provide you with the link once the campaign is setup).

2. The customer clicks on the link to access their voucher (you can choose whether this should include a QR code or not).

3. The customer then redeems their voucher.


You can use your Toggle dashboard to see how many vouchers have been assigned and how many have been redeemed across your campaign. Find more information on Toggle reporting here.

For support with setting up your Toggle campaign, get in touch with us on

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