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Connect Airship with MSL Verteda InfoGenesis
Connect Airship with MSL Verteda InfoGenesis

Want to use Airship to manage your voucher code campaigns in Verteda InfoGenesis? Here’s how...

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MSL Verteda provide a POS solution called InfoGenesis, with a management console called Primo.

They have an integration with us to facilitate the creation and redemption of unique Single Use Voucher codes (SUVs).

Where a unique code is redeemed, they will also send Airship the basket data (purchase history) that was related to the redemption of that code.

Redemptions of voucher codes are accepted at till point or via self-service order-and-pay (“Bring Your Own Device”).

Getting connected

To get connected, put our support team in touch with your Verteda account manager and request that Airship provides API connection details to your account with us.

Our support team will then issue API credentials to Verteda to configure Primo.

How it works

The flow of setting up an offer and using it in Airship, is:

  1. Create a new offer in Primo

  2. Tick to manage the offer campaign in Airship

  3. Airship will help you set up your issuance page for your new campaign offer.

  4. Send your campaign to issue your vouchers to your guests

  5. Guests click to claim their voucher

  6. Guests redeem their vouchers and the codes are marked as redeemed in Airship in real-time, along with their purchase data.

Creating a new offer in Primo

1 - Within Primo, navigate to Offers & Discounts

2 - Click Actions and choose to Create New Offer

3 - Click through each of the five steps displayed to configure your offer details. This controls things such as how much and what type of discount it is, and when it is valid, down to specific days or times of the week.

4 - On step five (“Vouchers”), tick Yes, I want to create vouchers, choose how many to create (make sure you create enough to cover the number of guests you are going to issue this to in Airship) and also tick Yes, I want to manage a campaign through Airship.

5 - Finish creating the offer.

6 - You're all set! You can now set up the campaign in Airship.

Issuing vouchers to your guests in Airship

Once your offer is created, contact the Airship Customer Success team who will now help you set up the mechanic to issue vouchers to your guests. You’ll need to take a note of the name of the campaign in Primo, as the name of the offer group in Airship will match whatever you specified.

Example email

Example voucher


A guest will now be able to redeem their voucher in your venue, either at till point, or by entering it within the Verteda Order and Pay system at checkout ("Bring Your Own Device").

Once a voucher has been redeemed, you’ll be able to see the redemption showing against a guest contact record in Airship:

And also the purchase that the guest made with their voucher:

For more information or help using this integration, contact

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