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Welcome to the Airship Playbook, now you’ve finished your initial onboarding process this will help you get to grips with the platform & help you make the most of your email marketing strategy!

Don’t forget you can always get in touch with our team with any questions on

Step one: The Basics!

Getting to grips with Airship emails

Once you’ve completed your training session with your customer success manager, you are ready to start sending your own emails!

Head to send > email > simple search to get started, this article has a handy how to guide for building your first email.

Once you've built and saved your emails you’ll need to test this by sending it to yourself, find out how here.

IP Warming

Once you’re happy with your email it’s time to send it out to your database! If you’ve got an existing database of more than 10,000 contacts you’ll need to warm up your brand new IP address before you can contact them all at once.

Follow our IP warming plan here or get in touch with your customer success manager for more information.

If your database is smaller than 10,000 you can send your email to everyone straight away, just follow our guide here.

Step two: Creating your journey’s

Want to include a reward in your journeys? Choose your unique code here and let the team know so we can create this for you.

Welcome journey

Once you’re a pro with the email builder you can start to create and set up your automated journeys.

We recommend you start with your welcome email so that every customer that signs up to your club immediately starts to learn the story of your brand.

See our recommendations for creating your welcome journey here.

Once you’ve planned out your journey & created your emails this guide shows you how to pull it all together and get your welcome journey live!

Birthday Journey

You’ve sent your first email, your new sign ups are being welcomed to your club, now is the time to start treating your guests to a birthday treat! This journey can be a great way to drive footfall in your venues and as it is automated it’s a no brainer!

Take a look at our recommendations for the perfect Birthday journey here.

When you’re ready this guide shows you how to put your journey together.

Retention email

The Retention email (or cleaning email) is a key part of maintaining your database health. This automation will make sure you’re not continuously sending to dead or unengaged email addresses. It will also help to ensure you don’t come into contact with any spam trap address which could dangerously harm your delivery & email reputation. Read more about it here.

Step three: PoP

Proof of Presence is a great way to influence your guests visitor habits, it can help you drive repeat visits, reward loyalty & re-engage lapsed guests. We can personalise the criteria of your PoP segments so that they reflect your customer base and once you’ve finalised this criteria you can create various email journey’s around each segment.

During your onboarding we set you up with some initial PoP segment criteria, this looks like the below:

Prospect: These guests haven’t yet visited.

Bronze: These guests have made 1 visit in the past year

Silver: These guests have made 2 visits in the past year, their most recent was in the last 6 months.

Gold: These guests have made 3 visits in the past year, their most recent was in the last 6 months.

Platinum: These guests have made 4 visits in the past year, their most recent was in the last 6 months.

Lapsed: These guests haven’t visited you at all in the last 6 months.

Your PoP is influenced by your transactional data which is pulled into your Airship account via any integrations you have up and running.

  • Learn more about PoP and how it works here

  • Take a look at our recommendations for your PoP journey here.

  • Choosing your PoP criteria here.

If you'd like to customise your PoP segments to suit your brand just get in touch with your customer success manager!

Step four: Segmenting your database

Once you've got to grips with the basics we recommend adding a segmentation form to your strategy. This can be created in the Airship Form Builder so that you can gather valuable insights on your guests, such as their dietary requirements, the events they may be interested in and who they visit your venues with. All you need to do is include it in your welcome journey and wait for the information to flow in!

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