Send your Como powered contact and loyalty data into your Airship account in real time via Web hook. Como provide a loyalty platform that enables you to capture customers data, issue points and reward their activity.

If you use them as your loyalty provider, you can get customer, loyalty and purchase data flowing directly into your Airship account!

Getting started

Getting set-up with Como is straight forward! You’ll need to obtain the following from Como and provide to Airships customer success team:

  • An Location ID for the account

  • A list of your Location Names and (Como) Branch IDs

Como will need to configure the Webhooks, and should be requested to setup the following;

  • Joins the program

  • Updates membership details

  • Tagged

  • Untagged

  • Unsubscribes from SMS

  • Gave Consent

  • Makes a purchase

  • Redeems a benefit

  • Punches a punch card

  • Receives points

  • Uses points

  • Receives credit

  • Uses credit

  • Enters coupon code

  • Opens the app

What data is sent to Airship?

A series of Webhooks are made depending on the event / interaction the customer has with the platform. A list of fields that Airship captures, or updates based on these interactions are;

  • Contact

    • First name

    • DoB

    • Email address

    • Mobile number

    • Email opt-in

  • Loyalty

    • Como Member ID

    • Como Member Status

    • Como Member Points Balance

    • Como Member Credit Balance\

    • Como Number of Punches Dynamic Fields

    • Como Member Created Date

    • Como Last Purchase Date

    • Como Mobile APP Last Use Date

    • Last Benefit Redeemed Date

    • Como Last Punch Card Use Date

    • Como Last Coupon Redeem Date

And if the customer uses their Como loyalty card when making a purchase, Airship will also get;

  • Purchases

    • Purchase transaction reference

    • Purchase unit

    • Purchase transaction date

      • Item description

      • Item SKU reference

      • Item quantity purchased

      • Item value


Within Comos' platform, it is possible to tag customers based on specific interactions / events. These tags are sent to Airship, and we can use these tags to;

  • Create a Contact Group based on a specific tag name

  • Exclude contacts from being processed with a specific tag name

By default, All tags will create a group and no tags will be excluded. Any specific requirements around using tags should be made clear as part of the integration setup.

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