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Visual Email Campaign Reporting
Visual Email Campaign Reporting

Follow our guide for a quick and easy way to measure the success of your email campaigns.

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You can view the details of your individual email sends by heading to the sent emails section of your Airship account.

In your sent emails tab, you'll have access to valuable insights such as the open rate, click rate and the calculated PoP rate. There is also a campaign tag column allowing you to identify and group together campaigns quickly and easily.

Head to Email Campaigns > Broadcast > Sent (or follow the same process for your Welcome, Birthday or Date Trigger emails). Load up the timescale you want to view and then click "search".

You will then be able to view some quick stats on each email or click “report” to see more insights. The click rate on this page is referring to the total amount of clicks as a percentage.

When you select "report" the following will be loaded. At the top of the page you will see a preview of your email.

Selecting ‘view email’ will show you the email that was sent and clicking on ‘view click heatmap’ will show further details of how your clicks have been distributed.

The visits section may take a few minutes to calculate the visits and the spend data. If you want to update your assumed spend just get in touch with our success team or your account manager.

Below you can see an overview of what each of these stats mean in relation to your emails.

  • Email name - the name you have given your email within the email builder, so you can easily access it again!

  • Subject line - This is the subject line associated with this email, your split sends will show in different sends.

  • Visits within 30 days - This is the number of PoPs generated within 30 days of your guests clicking on one of your emails.

  • Assumed spend - This is generated based on the PoPs, the default Assumed spend is £19.95 per PoP but we can update these on an account basis.

  • Trigger time - This is the time this email was sent out.

  • Type - This will show the type of email, e.g “Welcome email”

  • Tagged - This will show the campaign tags you used to identify the campaign

A breakdown of each section can be found below:

The Click Heatmap

The click rate heat map will bring up a text version of your email where you can hover over any clickable areas. Here you will be able to see directly how many unique or repeat clicks this part of the email received.

Quick tip - Unique clicks mean the number of times that a link in your email was clicked by individual users.

The Conversion Rate Report

This section shows the number of guests who were sent your email, who read the email & who clicked it. It then shows the number of guests who went on to visit one of your venues after clicking on the email. These clicks are based on unique clicks i.e. the percentage of contacts who clicked on the email.

The visit conversion window is 30 days so this number will continue to grow until 30 days after the email was sent.

Rewards linked from this email

If your campaign contains any Airship Rewards voucher codes, the performance of these will be shown in this section. This includes the overall performance including how many vouchers have been claimed, redeemed and the redemption rate as a percentage.

If your email doesn’t include any voucher this section will be blank.

Link popularity

The link popularity section lists all of the links included in your email and ranks these in terms of most clicked. These will be ranked gold, silver and bronze with any additional links following. The number of total unique clicks on this link, followed by the percentage will help to outline what your customers are most interested in.

The Delivery Summary

The last part of the report will include the delivery summary of your email campaign. This will provide the main stats around how many emails were successfully sent and if you have any bounces or unsubscribed. Here you will also be able to keep an eye on your inbox placement in terms of any spam complaints.

If you have any questions about the campaign reporting just get in touch with our team on

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