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Segment your audience based on room bookings!

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If you have room booking data flowing into your Airship account, you'll be able to segment your audience based on room types, extras and whether they've booked direct or through a third party. This enables you to set up automations to push customers to book direct and upsell breakfast!

What's available?

There are multiple options under narrow search by inclusions and exclusions to segment the audience based on room bookings, these include:

Room stay enquiry date - the day the customers check-in for their reservation

Room stay check-in date - the day the customers check-in of their reservation

Room stay check-out date - the day the customers check-out of their reservation

When using the below options, you need to select one of the 3 options above first, i.e. room stay check-in date for the last 3 months, as well as anyone who has booked with breakfast.

Stay extras - these pull through directly from the Guestline integration and will appear exactly as they do within Guestline.

Room Stay agent - this section will show where the booking came from i.e. online travel agents (OTA). Other & in-house encompasses everything else, other than the OTA's that are included in the list.

Room type - this is related to the type of room, i.e. standard double, premium king, and functions.

Room stay tags - used room promotion coupon - this pulls the use of promo codes from the Guestline integration and shows whether a promo code has been used against a booking.

Has pets/ has children also only pulls through from Guestline.

Top tip: if you'd like to select multiple options from the dropdown, press the shift key whilst selecting your options!


Automated emails can be set up based on stay enquiry, check-in and check-out date. These can then be segmented further based on the options above.

Examples of automated emails that can be set up:

5 days pre check-in, excluding those who have already booked breakfast - pushing others without breakfast to book.

3 days post check-out date, including all those who have booked through an online travel agent - pushing them to book direct in future.

To set these up, head to email campaigns > date triggers > create new to get started. Once you have selected either pre/post enquiry/check-in/check-out date, remember to add your audience criteria to segment further based on extras, OTAs and room types!

Here's the support article to help with setting up date trigger emails.

Alias emails

Airship stores email addresses from third-party bookings as alias emails on the contact profile, this is to ensure the third-party emails don't override the contact's actual email address.

If you have any questions, please contact the team at!

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