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How to view WiFi data in Airship
How to view WiFi data in Airship

Airship has an interface to display WiFi interactions made by a customer.

Written by Anthony Green
Updated over a week ago

If there is Wifi interaction data in your account, you can view this data by following the steps below.

  • Log onto the Console.

  • From the left hand side click Contacts > Folders and Groups 

  • Find the WiFi group, and click the group name to display the list of contacts in that group.

  • Click Edit on a contact record to view the details for the contact.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the View WiFi Data button:

You will then see the WiFi data page, which displays a separate row for each WiFi interaction:

The Hot Spot typically refers to the venue Access Point that was used to make the WiFi connection.

The MAC name is typically the MAC address of either the Access Point device, or the user’s device.

The Mime Type refers to the application that sent the WiFi interaction data to Airship, such as custom WiFi splash page.

The Interaction Type displays “connected” or “disconnected” so that you can see when a user made their WiFi connection and finished their session. The usage of this will vary depending on which WiFi provider you use.

The Interaction Date shows the date and time that the customer made the interaction.

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