How to transfer files to Airship

Files can be transferred to Airship by SFTP, this article shows you the steps to get started.

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Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) allows you to securely transfer files to another organisation. There may be cases where you want to transfer your data to Airship or set up a way of frequently or automatically transferring files to Airship.

Set up your SFTP server

To begin, start by signing up for an SFTP service. If you already have an SFTP service, this can be used to transfer files to Airship.

If you don’t have one already, sign up for an SFTP service. Here is one possible third party service that provides this:

Visit the Pricing plans and choose to start a trial for the Business package. Complete the registration form.

Once you have an account, set up a user for Airship:

Set the following permissions on the Airship user:

  1. Upload files and folders

  2. Download files and folders

  3. Delete files and folders

  4. Modify (new folder, rename, move, copy)

  5. See files and folders

Share the credentials with Airship

Securely pass the following information to Airship so that they can connect to your account to retrieve files.

  • Hostname: This is your ExaVault account name.

  • Username: This is your account username.

  • Password: This is your account password.

For example:

Host Name:
Username: joinerskitchen
Password: abc123

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